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ICP Petrapole at a Glance

  • The largest land port in South Asia, ICP Petrapole is located along the international border between India and Bangladesh, at a distance of about 80 kms from the city of Kolkata.
  • Petrapole (India)-Benapole (Bangladesh) is an important land border crossing for India-Bangladesh both in terms of trade and passenger movement.
  • Nearly 30 percent of land-based trade between India and Bangladesh takes place through ICP Petrapole
  • Since its operationalization in February 2016, the ICP has been witnessing an increasing number of passenger movement with an average of 22 lakh people crossing the border post on either sides each year.
Year Total Trade (Crores) Cargo Movement (No’s) Passenger Movement (No’s)
2017-18 18,799.39 1,45, 857 26,63,107
2018-19 21,380.90 1,63,555 23,54,962
2019-20 20,606.44 1,54,568 24,76,191
  • Stakeholders
  • Items Of Export
  • Items Of Import

Infrastructure Facilities at ICP Petrapole

Passenger Terminal Building

Public Utilities Block


Cargo Terminal Building

Electric Sub-Station & Pump House

Dormitory Building

Inspection Cum Warehouse Import

Parking Area for Vehicles

Adequate office space for stakeholder and operating agencies

Inspection Cum Warehouse Export

Rummaging Sheds

ICP/CMS Web based Automated Operation


Weigh Bridges

CCTV Surveillance

Quarantine Building/ Block

Bank extension Counter

Fumigation Shed

Public Health Office

Money Exchange Counter

Accommodation for Security Personnel

Driver Restroom

Watch Tower

Boundary Wall and Entrance Gates

Trade and Passenger Statistics

Year Total Trade Total Passenger Movement Total Cargo Movement
2015-16 16341.10 1589246 1,28,995
2016-17 18,501.69 19,10,316 1,46,706
2017-18 18,799.39 26,63,107 1,45,857
2018-19 21,380.90 23,54,962 1,63,555
2019-20 20,606.44 24,76,191 1,54,568
2020-21 (Till Nov’ 2020) 11,677 1,11,740 80,670

Note: Total Trade Values in INR Crores; Passenger & Cargo Movement Data in Nos.

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