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Mahadipur Land Port  at a Glance

  • Land Port Mahadipur is located in the Malda district of West Bengal along the international border between India and Bangladesh. It is among the most important land ports of West Bengal in terms of volume of trade.
  • Mahadipur is an important border checkpoint as it is gateway of North Bengal on the Malda-Rajshahi Bangladesh route. Rajshahi nicknamed as Silk \City or City of Education, is a major urban, commercial and educational center of Bangladesh.
  • The major commodities exported via LCS Mahadipur are soyabean extraction, rapeseed extraction, fresh fruits, onion, stone chips, maize, dry fly ash, dry chilies and raw hides. The major commodities imported are crude rice bran, plastic cerates, jute yarn, jute bags etc.
  • Land Port Mahadipur is situated on the Gour Road that connects to National Highway (NH)-12, which is approx.13 kms from the Land Port . The Land Port is also near the Gour Malda Train Station, which is located at a distance of approx. 15 kms.
  • The status as of September 2021 is that LPAI has prepared the Detailed Project Report and has identified 80 acres of land for development of the Land Port . The State Government of West Bengal has been requested for initiating the process of Land Acquisition.
Master Plan – Mahadipur Land Port