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Office Orders

Ban on use of single-use plastic items /upload/uploadfiles/files/Ban%20n%20use%20of%20single-use%20plastic%20items%20in%20GOI.pdf PDF File  [269.88 KB]

Shri Govind Mohan, IAS (SK:1989), Additional Secretary (UT), MHA will hold the additional charge of the post of Chairman, LPAI /upload/uploadfiles/files/New%20Doc%202019-08-03%2012_43_14.pdf PDF File  [316.96 KB]

Extension of deputation period of Shri N.K. Dagar, Section Officer, LPAI. /upload/uploadfiles/files/Office%20Order%20Sh_%20N_K_%20Dagar(1).pdf PDF File  [346.96 KB]

Extension of deputation period of Shri Vishal Kumar Mishra, ASI(Commn) of SSB at ICP Raxaul /upload/uploadfiles/files/Vishal.pdf PDF File  [94.28 KB]

RTI Order dated 5.1.2017 /upload/uploadfiles/files/RTI%20Order%205_1_2017.pdf PDF File  [1.21 MB]

RTI order dated 25.5.2018 /upload/uploadfiles/files/RTI%20order%2025_5_2018.pdf PDF File  [427 KB]

Extension of deputation period of Col. Raman Kumar Sharma, Director(Tech) /upload/uploadfiles/files/Col_%20Raman.pdf PDF File  [111.29 KB]

Extension of deputation period of Shri Dileep Kumar PB, Section Officer /upload/uploadfiles/files/Dileep.pdf PDF File  [131.87 KB/upload/uploadfiles/files/001(1).pdf PDF File  [112.49 KB]

Extension of deputation period of Shri Manoj Kumar Singh, AE(Civil), LPAI /upload/uploadfiles/files/Sh_%20Manoj%20Kumar%20Singh.pdf PDF File  [782.43 KB]

Extension of deputation period of Shri Mukesh Kumar Singh, SO(Estt.), LPAI /upload/uploadfiles/files/Sh_%20Mukesh%20Kumar%20Sharma.pdf PDF File  [735.62 KB]

Extension of deputation period of Shri Akhil Kumar, PS, LPAI /upload/uploadfiles/files/Sh_%20Akhil%20Kumar.pdf PDF File  [851.16 KB]

Extension of deputation period of Shri Kishor Gaur, Sr. Accountant /upload/uploadfiles/files/Sh_%20Kishor%20Gaur.pdf PDF File  [849.11 KB]

Debarment for participating tender biddings for LPAI Tenders due to submitting false documents under Oath Affidavit /upload/uploadfiles/files/Letter%2006-27-2020.pdf PDF File  [1.03 MB]

Extension of Deputation period of Shri Joyanta Narayan Choudhry Assistant, ICP Agartala /upload/uploadfiles/files/Sh_%20Joyanta%20Narayan%2006-27-2020%2012_57_37.pdf PDF File  [394.73 KB]


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