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ICP Raxaul


  • The ICP Raxaul is located at about 230 KMs north-west from the State Capital City of Patna in the State of Bihar on India-Nepal Border. Birganj is the corresponding place in Nepal. Raxaul is the most important border crossing for Nepal.
  • The ICP is spread over a total area of about 216 acres.
  • The Union Home Minister of India laid the foundation stone for the ICP was on 24.04.2010.
  • The ICP is almost complete and is being planned to be commissioned around April 2016.
  • Facilities available at the ICP Raxaul include:
    Facilities Name
    (i) Passenger Terminal (vi) Public Utilities Block (xi) Quarantine block
    (ii) Import Warehouse (vii) Public Health Unit (xii) Banks/ATM
    (iii) Export Warehouse (viii) Parking Area (xiii) Foreign Exchange Bureau
    (iv) Cargo Terminal Building (ix) Rummaging Sheds (xiv) Cafeteria
    (v) Customs Service Building (x) Weigh Bridges


    Nepal is a land locked country. As per Treaty of the Trade between Govt. of India and Govt. of Nepal, Raxaul caters to both Bilateral Trade and Transit Trade. The Trade statistics with number of cargo vehicles for the last three years is as given below:

    g.Bilateral Trade

    Year Export
    ( ₹ Cr)
    ( ₹ Cr)
    ( ₹ Cr)
    Cargo Vehicles (Nos.)
    2012-13 9645 1297 10942 284714
    2013-14 12102 1260 13362 303678
    2014-15 14294 1509 15803 301549

    h. Major Items of Export

    1. Petroleum Products 6.  Electrical Goods
    2. Motor Vehicle/parts 7.  Plastic Goods
    3. Iron and Steel Products 8.  Rice/Paddy
    4. Harmless Medicines 9.  Clinker/Cement
    5. Machine/Machinery Parts 10. Unmanufactured Tobacco

    i.Major Items of Import

    1. Juice/Beverages 5. Aluminium profile
    2. PP Woven Fabrics 5. Polyster Staple Yarn
    3. MS Black Pipe 6. PVC Loop Mat
    4. Arya Veda Products 7. GI Pipe

    j. Transit Trade

    Year Export
    ( ₹ Cr)
    ( ₹ Cr)
    ( ₹ Cr)
    Cargo Vehicles (Nos.)
    2012-13 376 5857 6251 19164
    2013-14 226 4042 4268 15996
    2014-15 273 7209 7482 19734


    India and Nepal have “open border” under 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship. The bonafide citizens of India and Nepal do not require passport and visa to enter each other territory. However, passport holders of countries other than Nepal and India have to undergo the process of immigration clearance and customs procedures while crossing the border.

    The main purpose for their visit being Tourism, Medical, Religious and Business. Third country nationals seldom use this facility for entry into India or exit from India.

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