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ICP Petrapole

  • The ICP Petrapole is located at about 80 KMs from the State Capital, Kolkata in the State of West Bengal on the India-Bangladesh Border. Benapole is the corresponding place in Bangladesh.
  • The Union Home Minister of India laid the foundation stone for the ICP was on 19.08.2011.
  • The cargo complex of ICP petrapole operationalized on 12.2.2016
  • Facilities available at the ICP Petrapole include:

Facilities Details

(i) Cargo Terminal (vi) Public Health office (xi) Weigh Bridges
(ii) Import Warehouse (vii) Public Utilities Block (xii) Banks/ATM
(iii) Export Warehouse (viii) Electric Sub Station (xiii) Foreign Exchange Bureau
(iv) Customs Service Building (ix) Parking Area for Vehicles (xiv) Cafeteria
(v) Quarantine block (x) Rummaging Sheds (xv) Dormitory Building


Petrapole border crossing now being developed as an Integrated Check Post is one of the busiest Land Customs Station in Asia and accounts for about 70% of Indo-Bangladesh Trade. The Trade statistics with number of cargo vehicles for the last three years is as given below:

Year Export
( ₹ Cr)
( ₹ Cr)
( ₹ Cr)
Cargo Vehicles (Nos.)
2014-15 12820 2367 15187 117526
2015-16 13656 2685 16341 128995
2016-17 15654 2847 18501 146706

f.Major Items of Export

1. Cotton Fabrics 6. Synthetic Fibres
2. Motor vehicle Chassis 7. Two wheeler/Motor Cycles/Scooters
3. Non-Alloy Steel 8. Machinery Parts
4. Yarn 9. Books and Papers
5. Iron and Steel Products 10. Cereals and other Food Products

g.Major Items of Import

1. Jute Products 6. Knitted Fabrics
2. Beetel Nut 7. Rice Bran
3. Fish 8. Zinc Plate
4. Cotton Rags 9. Lead
5. Readymade Garments 10. Re-Processed Plastic agglomerate


Petrapole is handling maximum number of passenger commuting through any Land Border Crossing in the country. Most of the passengers using ICP, Petrapole are citizens from India and Bangladesh. The main purpose for their visit being Medical, Religious and Business. Third country nationals also use this facility for entry into India or exit from India.

Year Incoming Outgoing Total
2011 323818 311845 635663
2012 350716 340018 690734
2013 371790 354680 726470
2014 617652 593117 1210769
2015 731477 711311 1442788


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