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ICP Dawki

(i) Customs Processing (vii) Area for Loose Cargo (xiii) Parking
(ii) Immigration clearance (viii) Rummaging Sheds (xiv) Security & Surveillance
(iii) Passenger Terminal (ix) Weigh Bridges (xv) Bank
(iv) Import Warehouse (x) Quarantine (xvi) Foreign Exchange Bureau
(v) Export Warehouse (xi) Public Health (xvii) Cafeteria
(vi) Cargo Terminal Building (xii) Electric Sub-station) Public Health (xviii) Toilet block


Year Export (₹ Cr) Import (₹Cr) Trade(₹Cr) Cargo Vehicles(₹Cr)
2012-13 98.84 3.45 102.29 87987
2013-14 130.58 4.33 134.91 116843
2014-15 66.40 Nil 66.40 124822


(i) Coal (ii) Lime Stone (iii) Raw Hide (iv) Boulder Stone


(i) Food Items (iii) Plastic Furniture (v) Geo Textile Sheets (vii) Tissue Paper
(ii) Laundry Soap (iv) PVC Door (vi) Fire Clay Brick  
  • The ICP is proposed to be developed at Dawki in West Jaintia Hills District in the State of Meghalaya on India-Bangladesh border. Dawki is 55 Kms. from Jowai, the District Headquarter of West Jaintia Hills District. Dawki is connected by NH 44 (extension) and NH 40 (Erstwhile Shillong Sylhet road) and is about 84 Kms from Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya. At present, Land Customs Station is operating at Dawki. Tamabil is the corresponding place in Bangladesh.
  • Dawki is connected by an all weather road to Shillong and is one of the most important Land Border Crossing of the North Eastern Region of India.
  • Dawki is at a vantage point for the tourists of Bangladesh who regularly come to India for visiting Shillong called as ‘The Scotland of the East’ and its neighbouring places of tourist interest.
  • Total land of the proposed ICP including “Adverse Possession Land” is 23.02 acres. DER of the ICP project has been prepared and approved. Project work of the ICP is expected to commence by the second quarter of 2016.
  • Facilities proposed at the ICP Dawki are:
  • Trade statistics with number of cargo vehicles for the last three years through Dawki:
  • Major items of Export
  • Major items of Import
  • Passengers movement

Most of the passengers crossing through the Dawki border are citizens from India and Bangladesh, the main purpose for their visit being business, education, medical, religious and tourism. Third country nationals also enter into India or exit from India through Dawki. The number of passengers crossing the India-Bangladesh border at Dawki is as given below:

Year Incoming Outgoing Total (Nos.)
2012-13 8222 7944 16166
2013-14 7596 7325 14921
2014-15 14921 6984 14524


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