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ICP Attari

ICP Attari

  • The ICP Attari is located at about 30 Kms from the holy city of Amritsar in the State of Punjab on India-Pakistan Border. Wagha is the corresponding place in Pakistan. Attari is almost mid way between the two historical towns of Amritsar and Lahore in India and Pakistan respectively.
  • The ICP Attari is spread over a total area of 118 acres.
  • The Union Home Minister of India laid the Foundation Stone for the ICP was on 20.02.2010
  • The ICP project was completed on 28.03.2012. The ICP was inaugurated jointly by the Union Home Minister of India and the Chief Minister of Punjab on 13.04.2012 in the presence of Commerce Minister of India and the Commerce Minister of Pakistan along with Chief Minister of Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Facilities available at the ICP Attari are :
(i)  Customs Processing (xiii) Customs Service Building (xv)  Weigh Bridges
(ii)  Immigration clearance (ix)  Quarantine block (xvi)  Security & Surveillance
(iii) Passenger Terminal (x)  Port Health Unit (xvii)  Jatha Shed
(iv)  Import Warehouse (xi)  Area for loose Cargo (xviii)  Banks/ATM
(v)  Export Warehouse (xii)  Electric Sub Station (xix)  Foreign Exchange Bureau
(vi) Cold Storage (xiii)  Parking (xx)  Cafeteria
(vii) Cargo Terminal Building (xiv)  Rummaging Sheds (xxi)  Toilet block


Pakistan allows the imports of only 138 items from India through road route of ICP Attari India . There is no restriction by Pakistan for imports from India by rail route at Attari except the items on negative list however India allows imports of all items from Pakistan through road route of ICP Attari except the items which are in the negative list.

The Trade statistics with number of cargo vehicles for the last three years is as given below:

( ₹ Cr)
(₹ Cr)
( ₹ Cr)
Cargo Vehicles (Nos.)
2014-15 2117 2368 4485 79720
2015-16 1336 2412 3748 54403
2016-17 1064 297 3971 60309
2017-18 744 3404 4148 48193
2018-19 (upto July) 191 721 913 17357

g.Transit Trade with Afghanistan

Afghanistan origin goods are imported into India and cleared at ICP Attari. Afghanistan being a land locked Country, these goods transit over land through Pakistan. However Pakistan doesn't provide transit over land through its territory to goods imported by Afghanistan through ICP Attari .

h.Major Items of Export

(i)  Soya Bean (vi)  Spares for Automotives
(ii)  Chicken Feed (vii)  Biscuits
(iii)  Vegetables (viii)  Newsprint
(iv)  Red Chillies (ix)  Plastic Granules
(v)  Cotton (x)  Fresh mutton

i.Major Items of Import

(i)  Gypsum (vi)  Soda Ash
(ii)  Cement (vii)  Dry Fruits
(iii)  POP(Plaster of Paris) (viii)  Dry Dates
(iv)  Caustic Soda Flake/Liquid (ix)  Coal
(v)  Glass (x)  Rock Salt


Most of the passengers using ICP, Attari for crossing the border are citizens from India and Pakistan. The main purpose for their visit being Business, Medical, Religious and Tourism. Third country nationals also use this facility for entry into India or exit from India. The number of passengers crossing the border in either direction at Attari is as given below:

Year Incoming Outgoing Total
2013-14 43402 42053 85455
2014-15 54559 51213 105772
2015-16 49987 50734 90721


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